A coach is a broad term that has become fashionable today. From business to sports, from the personal coach to the emotional coach , in almost all sectors and companies, there is the role of the coach.

But what does that mean? And what does a coach do? In this post, we will see the role of a coach or a coach and what you should do to launch your professional career as a coach, even through studying a Master in Coaching Psychology with the European University.

What does coach mean?

Before seeing the different types of coaching that exist, we should define well what a coach is and what coaching is because it can be confused with psychology, for example. Coaching is a method that consists of accompanying, teaching or training a person or a group of people, with the main objective of achieving specific challenges or developing certain skills.

A coach, the English word for ‘coach’ , then, is a professional who practices coaching. His goal is to motivate you and get the best out of you in the personal, professional or emotional areas . It takes you to a level of performance that, for some reason, you are unable to achieve on your own.

Differences between the coach and the psychologist

Although some techniques that come from psychology are used in coaching, the role of the coach and the psychologist are very different . The main focus of a psychologist is to take care of the mental health of his client, to look for the causes of the problems and to try to improve the mood. The coach is not going to deal with mood or mental health as a priority. They are important, but the coach puts more focus on self-esteem and motivation .

types of coaching

As we have mentioned before, today there are many types of coach or trainer in various sectors, each with its own different profile. Next, we explain some of them, what the coach does, and what you can study to enter this sector.

What is sports coaching?

The sports coach is responsible for teaching and practicing with athletes so that they get the most out of them . The coach designs a plan with the objectives of improving the performance of the athlete, whether elite or amateur. While the physical trainer focuses on the athlete’s physical condition, the sports coach also gets into the motivational part – the key to helping the athlete meet her challenges. If you are interested in sports coaching, you should still think about studying a Course in Sports Coaching at the European University. Another option is a Master in Sports Psychology and Coaching .

What is business coaching?

Within the world of coaching, this branch is the best known. Business coaching is aimed at all types of employees, departments and teams within an organization. The objective is to work on topics that usually arise in the workplace, such as time management, teamwork, productivity, and customer satisfaction .

What is educational coaching?

If you have studied a Master’s Degree in Emotional Education, working as an educational coach in a school would still be your professional challenge. In an educational center, the coach has three types of clients with very different profiles: the management, the teachers and the students. As a consequence, it is a very varied position since each one has very different objectives. With the direction, the educational coach usually works on leadership skills. With teachers, the main challenge is to improve skills such as communication, teamwork, and empathy. And finally, with students, the educational coach usually works on emotional intelligence, how to improve the learning process, teamwork and conflict resolution.

What is a personal coach?

Also known as a life coach, the personal coach has the challenge of helping their clients develop and work on the skills necessary for daily life: confidence, communication, organization, etc. To work as a personal coach, with the Coaching Psychology Master , you will learn the advanced intervention tools in coaching, as well as the disciplines addressed, and you will acquire the specific skills that must be acquired in coaching.

As you can see, the world of coaching is very broad, and what we have explained here is only a small part of the sector: there are more coaches such as the nutritional coach, the cooperative coach or the emotional coach. If you are thinking of becoming a coach, at Universidad Europea, you will learn by combining theory with practice from day one, thanks to our educational model based on experiential learning. Also, as one of the best private universities in Spain, you will study with the best experts and professionals in their areas. Check out more articles on our site.