Information and communications technologies have not only changed our way of life, habits and needs, but have also revolutionized the functioning of the market and the production models of companies. As a result of this transformation, a greater specialization of jobs has been generated . That is why new digital professions have emerged that provide specific skills and competencies to respond to the challenges facing organizations in an interconnected and global economy. Check out more articles on our site.

The most in-demand digital professions

  • Site Reliability Engineer. This professional is responsible for creating reliable and ultra-scalable software systems by applying software engineering practices to infrastructure and operations problems. They design solutions that maintain a balance between development and operations teams.
  • Cloud Systems Architect. This specialist is primarily responsible for creating and managing companies’ cloud computing architecture, ensuring that it is a flexible, agile, secure, and reliable environment where employees, customers, and partners can work.
  • Machine Learning Engineer. Considered one of the digital professions of the future, this professional is dedicated to designing, building and producing machine learning models to solve the challenges that companies face. He designs algorithms that find natural patterns in data to help make better decisions and more accurate predictions.
  • Cybersecurity expert. These engineers ensure the privacy and protection of company data. They design and apply plans, programs and tools to guarantee computer security, analyze possible threats and implement cryptographic protocols and security tools focused on prevention.
  • User experience researcher. These professionals specialize in planning, designing and executing user studies to detect their needs and expectations with the aim of facilitating the work of designers and developers so that the product or service satisfies consumers, is easy to use and adds value. added.
  • Back end developer. These specialists deal with the internal architecture of a web or mobile application. They design the logic and solutions so that the actions requested by the user are executed properly, being, therefore, responsible for the programming of all the components on the server side.
  • Data engineer. The data engineer is one of the new digital professions with the most future since it is in charge of creating the bases for the acquisition, storage, transformation and management of data in a company or organization. Set up the technology infrastructure to turn unstructured data into information that data scientists or analysts can use.
  • Project Management. This professional plans the necessary steps to carry out a project. Coordinates the work of the teams to meet the established objectives, specifies quality, estimates the necessary resources and delivery times, in addition to managing changes, monitoring the process and maintaining continuous communication with all the parties involved in the project.
  • Director of Digital Marketing. This professional is the main person in charge of managing the online presence of a brand or company and attracting potential customers. He is in charge of defining and designing the digital marketing strategy, as well as directing the areas of social networks, SEO or email marketing.
  • Blockchain architect. This person is responsible for verifying that the processes and institutions that operate with the Blockchain do so in a secure manner. To do this, it uses its knowledge of blockchains.

Digital professions demand constant updating

If anything characterizes the digital world, it is its rapid evolution, so that professionals who work in this sector must be willing to engage in a lifelong learning process to acquire the new knowledge and skills they need. At Universidad Europea we are aware of this challenge, which is why we have adapted our programs to help you stay up to date.