If you want to be aware of all the news, it is better that you follow them on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin and on their blogs, because these are the best Spanish technological influencers today. And it is that, everything moves so fast that being up to date in terms of technology is a challenge, but that is what they are for, our technological influencers and experts. Know more about mosquito light.

Top tech influencers in Spain

  • Antonio (SFDX Show)
  • Charles Sunday
  • Cesar Salza (CNET)
  • Chema Alonso
  • geeky girl
  • clip set
  • Cristian Dominguez (Dante GTX)
  • Eduard Esteller (ProAndroid)
  • Eduardo Arcos (Hypertextual)
  • Henry Dans
  • Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santaengracia (Top of Range)
  • Luis Cuende
  • Miguel Ángel Muñoz Rodríguez (MovilZona)
  • Nuria Oliver
  • Victor Abarca

Antonio (SFDX Show)

SFDX Show is one of the Spanish technological influencers with the most beautiful hands and, apart from his name and his talent for technology, we know little else about him. With his YouTube channel active since 2007 (a veteran), he brings together more than a million subscribers where he addresses all kinds of topics related to technology, computer hardware, equipment maintenance, gaming, computer security, and electronics. You might be interested in inflatable sofa.

Charles Sunday

Next on our list is Carlos Domingo, one of the most active Spanish technological influencers and with the best resume you can imagine: at Telefónica he was CEO of the research and development division, as well as innovation and new business executive, partner at Spive VC where he develops blockchain technologies and CEO of Securitize for the digitization of capital markets. In short, an eminence that makes him one of the technological influencers of reference for Spanish professionals (and almost all over the world) in the sector through his Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Learn more about beach tent.

Cesar Salza (CNET)

With his own channel on YouTube, different profiles on different social networks and hundreds of published articles, César Salza is one of the most prolific Spanish technological influencers on the national scene. Among other things, he is the editor of CNET, which allows him to learn about and then broadcast the latest and freshest projects and news to his audience. An expert with great credibility and confidence, without a doubt, one of the main references on this list.

Chema Alonso

If you are looking for Spanish tech influencers on the internet, Chema Alonso is probably the only one with his own Wikipedia entry. Not for nothing, he is the greatest cybersecurity expert in Spain who also shares all his knowledge on television, blogs, books, social networks and even TikTok. On a professional level, he is the CDO and member of the Executive Council of Telefónica, as well as being part of ElevenPaths (a very reputable cybersecurity company).

geeky girl

If you are one of those who follow different technological influencers on YouTube, you have surely come across Chica Geek. His channel is dedicated exclusively to tutorials, tips and tricks on technology, the analysis of gadgets, devices and apps of all kinds. With presence also in almost all the rest of social networks, Elena Santos (this is her real name) has been a technology journalist for 19 years , bringing her followers the best news and advice every day to anyone who is willing to read it and listen to her

clip set

If you want to be up to date with the latest news in technology, gadgets, video analysis of all kinds, what you are looking for is Clipset. And it is that we are not talking about one but about a couple that little by little have become two of the most followed Spanish technological influencers. Through a “technological video style” they bring their content to millions of people daily, from their two million followers on YouTube to their hundreds of thousands of views on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Cristian Dominguez (Dante GTX)

If you are a fan of computers and gaming , you should know that Dant GTX (aka Cristian Domínguez) is one of the best Spanish tech influencers you can follow. With almost a million followers on his YouTube channel, he spends his time sharing computer hardware reviews, product comparisons, and discovering incredible gadgets. Also, if apart from technology you love electronic music, don’t hesitate to visit their Newk Musik channel and you’ll see what a surprise.

Eduard Esteller (ProAndroid)

You may not recognize him by his name, Eduard Esteller. But if you like technology and we talk to you about the book: “Things you never thought you could do with your mobile” or about ProAndroid, surely things will change. Because you may be among the almost 4 million followers that make ProAndroid one of the Spanish technological influencers with the most visits on YouTube and the rest of social networks, with content oriented to reviews, comparisons, news and unboxing of phones and plugins for android.

Eduardo Arcos (Hypertextual)

Why is Eduardo Arcos among the best Spanish technological influencers? Like many on this list, the name may not sound familiar to you, but if we tell you that he is the director and founder of Hipertextual, things change. Because in this online medium, in addition to analyzing and bringing us all kinds of news about technology and society, we will find articles on science and digital culture. For the rest, his Twitter account is practically a newsletter of the best news and news fresh from the oven.

Henry Dans

Undoubtedly, Enrique Dans is one of the most outstanding Spanish technological influencers in our country. And it is that, in addition to being a university professor, advisor, researcher, he is a disseminator with a long history, specializing in technology and society. Although he is best known for the criticism he received for many years through social networks, he is a figure that we see almost daily signing articles in the most important newspapers in our country and on his Twitter account.

Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santaengracia (Top of Range)

On Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, on its website and even on TikTok, wherever we look, we will come across Topes de Gama news. Jaume Lahoz and Carlos Santaengracia are a couple of Spanish technology influencers who dedicate themselves full time to creating content related to the world of technology through their multiple sub-brands. Because there is no subject with which they do not dare, showing without a doubt all their power and experience in terms of technology.

Luis Cuende

Hang on because if you didn’t know Luis Cuende you will want to follow him on all his social networks, since his young age sneaked into the Forbes 30 under 30 and he is one of the exclusive members of the MIT Innovators Under 35. Luis Cuende is one of the most outstanding Spanish technological influencers, but not for writing articles or videos, but for his professional work, which led him to be named the best programmer in Europe under 18 by HackFwd, to later raise 25 million euros with the intention of launching the startup Aragón.

Miguel Ángel Muñoz Rodríguez (MovilZona)

If you are passionate about technology and especially everything related to smartphones, Miguel Ángel Muñoz is one of the Spanish technological influencers that you should know. To find it, you only have to search for the content of MovilZona, one of the most reputable information portals in our country . Both on the website and on its social networks, you will find everything from analysis to rumors and, above all, the best news. Don’t hesitate to look for their official accounts on Twitter as well as adding MovilZona to your daily routine of web pages to visit.

Nuria Oliver

To be one of the best technological influencers in Spain, you do not have to make videos or content for daily consumption, you can also achieve it by being an eminence in your field. Nuria Oliver is a clear example, a doctor from MIT, she works in the upper echelons of companies such as Vodafone, MediaLab, Fellow and as if that were not enough, she is part of the Royal Academy of Engineering as an expert in artificial intelligence. If you want to have an expert of her caliber every day in your day to day life, you just have to follow her Twitter account.

Victor Abarca

The last of our Spanish technology influencers is Víctor Abarca, who despite living in the United States has managed to make technology his lifestyle and tells us about it through his Instagram and YouTube channel. And not only will you find reviews on new products and news, but also trends and day-to-day tips from a true techie. Everything he says makes it believable, since he will openly tell you the good and the bad of everything that falls into his hands.

And with this we end our review of the best Spanish technological influencers. We hope that our top will serve to fill your day to day with the best news, tips, guides and news from the world of technology in all areas. If you know any other Spanish influencer that we should make room for in this list, we listen to you in the comment box.

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