Who has never dreamed of rubbing shoulders with Omar Sy or Marion Cotillard? This dream could well come true for the owners of real estate. House, apartment, villa, mansion or castle can indeed be rented at exorbitant prices and, as a bonus, be seen on screens around the world. Immodvisor has deciphered the conditions for joining.

The cachet, better than a seasonal rental

The reports for the rental of real estate for a film shoot are very interesting. It is not uncommon to receive a daily amount of 800 to 1000 euros. Knowing that a shoot can last several days, renting your house as a film set is really good value, compared to a seasonal rental. This amount is an average but below 200 euros it is better to refuse to rent, unless you feel like a patron. Of course, the more atypical the rented property, the more the prices can soar. Also learn about nekretnine.

It should not be forgotten that the agencies also bear the costs of restoration as well as the insurance. However, it is better to check this point. In this way, the slightest damage will be compensated.

What good for a shoot?

Above all, it is important to emphasize that the property must be the property of the person who rents it. Otherwise, the lessor must obtain the written agreement of the owner of the property. In a co-ownership, the owners will also have to obtain the agreement of the co-owners, after having checked that the co-ownership regulations allow it.

Regarding the types of goods, they do not necessarily need to be exceptional, the most common goods suffer from competition. However, agencies are most often looking for medium-sized properties, 100 to 150 m², with easy access. They also appreciate atypical goods, marked by an era. The 70s are particularly popular, as well as Haussmanian architecture. Exceptional views are also sought after: the Eiffel Tower, for example, but also the sea or even swimming pools. Goods like these can reach more than 2 or 3000 euros per day.

Offer your property for a shoot

There are several agencies that connect film or photo professionals and property owners:

– for investors with several properties, it is possible to offer two properties free of charge at filmfrance.net ;

– the owners of a charming villa can be part of the more than 7000 places available as a film scene in France and Belgium on the cinedecors.fr site ;

– the less sure of themselves can always content themselves with posting an ad on the cast-things.com site .

There are many agencies. The choice goes through very large agencies such as 20000lieux.com, which offers all types of places, housing or shops, gymnasiums or even careers, or even eLux.fr, which has branches in Paris, Bordeaux and Biarritz.

A filming location fair is also held in Paris each year in February. There are about ten location scouting agencies there, which put owners and image professionals in touch.

The precautions to take 

Even if the rental of one’s property gives the opportunity to rub shoulders with stars of the big screen, it cannot be done without a contract in good and due form. This will specify not only the duration and price of the rental, but also the changes made: installation of decorations, moving of furniture, etc. As with any rental, it will be preceded and followed by an inventory. Depending on the duration of the shoot, the contract may also provide for the relocation of the owner at the agency’s expense. Do not hesitate to ask the question if the shooting lasts more than a week.

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