Two of the funniest Nintendo handhelds face to face: Nintendo 2ds vs New 2ds XL. We analyze in detail its characteristics, pros and cons.

If 3D isn’t for you, and playing your favorite Nintendo games is what you really care about , the 2DS is what you’re looking for. Of course, with which of the two consoles do we stay? Is it worth paying more for a larger screen, even if it looks worse? Is the 2DS XL really more powerful than the standard version? We will answer these questions, and many more throughout this Nintendo 2DS vs. New Nintendo 2DS XL battle (for which we have literally put both consoles face to face). Know more about Nintendo switch screen repair in USA.

Nintendo 2DS vs New Nintendo 2DS XL

  • Technical comparison
  • Design
  • Screen
  • Sound
  • Performance
  • Drums
  • Price
    • which one to buy

Tech Comparison: 2DS vs New 2DS XL

If you just want to take a quick look at the main differences between the 2DS and 2DS XL, we’ve put together a chart with the tech specs for both consoles so you can make up your mind at a glance. But if this is not enough, scroll down to see the detailed review of both models. Are you looking for a service centre for your Xbox repair in United States.

2DS New 2DS XL
console size 127 x 144 x 23mm 86 x 160 x 20.3mm
Weight 260g 260g
Drums 1300mAh 1700mAh
battery life 3.5 to 4.5 hours 3.5 to 5 hours
screen type LCD LCD
top screen size 3.53″ (8.97cm) 4.88″ (12.40cm)
bottom screen size 3.02″ (7.67cm) 4.18″ (10.61cm)
pixel density 134ppi 96ppi
screen resolution 400x240px 400x240px


Although at first glance the difference is obvious, the New 2DS XL can be folded and the 2DS cannot, there are many other advantages and hidden flaws in the design of both consoles. For example, despite the fact that the New 2DS has an XL format, it is less tall than its normal version and can be folded to be transported much more easily and safely (since the screens will not be exposed to everything we carry in our bags or pockets). ).

Another of the most differentiating aspects of the design of both consoles is their ergonomics, where the 2DS is proclaimed the winner. With this we do not mean that the New 2DS XL is not comfortable, which it is, but the non-folding version fits much better in the hands. On the other hand, we have to point out that the extra buttons on the 2DS XL are a success in terms of gameplay, something to keep in mind for certain titles in the franchise. In addition to all of the above, the New 2DS has some newer things, such as its front camera, compatibility with Amiibo thanks to its NFC system.

Last but not least, there is the theme of colors (because yes, we want to go together with our DS). While the 2DS offered White + Red, Black + Blue, and Pink + White, the 2DS XL stuck with Black + Turquoise and White + Orange. Of course, without counting the numerous special editions and packs that altered its design, such as the edition of Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokémon among others.


Here is the great dilemma for which many of you are here: the screen. Is a small but sharper screen better? Is it worth losing definition for a larger screen? Are the sawtooth graphics so visible? We answer all your questions.

Let’s go with the objective data, the screen of the 2DS XL is 82% larger than the 2DS, but it maintains the same resolution of 400 x 240px, therefore, it has less pixel density. So yes, the 2DS XL’s screen looks “worse” for being bigger. But, is that drop in the quality of the graphics so noticeable? The answer is no. To be honest, Nintendo games have never tried to stand out for spectacular graphics, and the jagged edges may be more evident in some games, but the drastic increase in screen size makes up for it.

So is the 2DS screen bad? Not at all, the 2DS’s screen is big enough for smooth gaming and offers good graphics quality. If you were already used to the screen of the classic Nintendo DS models, you will only notice improvements in the graphic sections.


Although at first we might think that a stereo sound system is better than a mono one, we should not be fooled. One of the great advantages of the 2DS is its front speaker that , despite being mono unlike the stereo of the 2DS XL, is much better heard since it is in the front and not under the console.

None of us understand why the New Nintendo 2DS XL has the two speaker outputs at the bottom, right where we put our hands to grab the console. Although this has been a big mistake on the part of the Japanese company, the truth is that it is not something noticeable while we play, since the sound is still quite powerful and clear.


Although both consoles are intended to play almost the same catalog of games (the 2DS XL has only 10 exclusive ones) , the difference in power and performance between the two consoles can be notable in two aspects: the initial loading of the games and the download speed.

While both consoles take about the same time to power up, the 2DS XL is faster opening apps like the eShop or fairly heavy games like Monster Hunter or Super Smash Bros, and much faster downloading online content than the 2DS (several minutes). If this affects the gameplay, the answer is that practically no, we will continue to enjoy the same fluidity in the games on both consoles.


Although in the end we all end up playing in bed with the Nintendo hooked up to the current, we must not forget that the purpose of the console is to be portable. In this aspect, despite the fact that the batteries of the charge capacity of the 2DS vs New 2DS XL is approximately 20% less, in reality this translates to 30-45 minutes of extra game play. Although with the energy saving mode of the Nintendo 2DS XL, we can stretch those minutes a little more.


Talking about the price of the 2DS vs 2DS XL is somewhat risky, since it is increasingly difficult to find these consoles for sale first hand. Although it is a reality that the New 2DS XL is more expensive than the 2DS , the difference may not be too much, around €50-70 depending on where and when we buy it. Having on average the New 2DS XL priced at €200 and the 2DS priced at €150.

But there is a trick to finding them at 50% off! And the fact is that, on the Cash Converters website, there are a lot of Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL (including super-special and limited editions), which also have a two-year guarantee.

Which one do I buy? The Nintendo 2DS or the New 2DS XL?

We are not going to deceive you, this is a difficult decision that will depend 100% on your tastes and needs. But even so, we will get wet to give you our opinion. If you want to enjoy Nintendo games and don’t mind paying a bit more, stick with the New 2DS XL , the difference in screen size is huge (especially if you’ve never owned an XL model). If you’re on a smaller budget and don’t mind the screen being a bit smaller, or games taking a bit longer to load, the 2DS is impressive value for money. If the budget is not a problem, without a doubt we recommend the Nintendo 3DS or one of its versions, as we already analyzed in our post “ Comparison 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS and New 3Ds XL” .

And this is all for today, we hope that with everything we have told you, you can decide on the model that best suits your needs. We are going to play for a while, the truth is that this article has made us want to, until next time!

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