We tell you everything we know about the new Nintendo Switch Pro and the rumors of its possible release date for 2021, the price and its characteristics.

If Nintendo has taught us anything, it is to count and after Normal and Lite it always goes Pro or XL and, honestly, we do not believe that the New Nintendo Switch is going to be the exception. Everything points to this Nintendo Switch Pro coming out by 2021, pulling more towards the end than the middle , although we remain hopeful that it will not happen this year. If you want to know all the rumors that exist to date about the new bombshell of the red plumber brand, read this article to the end. Know more about the portable bathtub.

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Latest rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro

The most important rumors that are expected to give life to the New Nintendo Switch Pro are the following. The truth is that we hope to hit some of them because they look very good and were totally necessary: You might be interested portable bathtub for adults.

  • It is possible that it incorporates a 1080p screen scalable to 4K
  • Everything indicates that this new screen will be OLED
  • Improved speed, performance and graphics quality
  • Improved Joy-con (this was a must after complaints)
  • Its release date is estimated for the end of 2021
  • The price of the Nintendo Switch Pro will be around €400-450

Possible Nintendo Switch Pro release date in 2021

We have taken out the old math notebook, the calculator and the pencils to start doing the math. If our calculations do not fail us, it is very likely that the launch date of the New Nintendo Switch Pro will be in 2021. Although the truth is that Nintendo fans have been like this for two years. Learn more about the best portable bathtub for adults.

If the launch of the original Nintendo Switch was on March 3, 2017, and the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite was on September 20, 2019, we can only think that 2 + 2 equals 4 and in 2021 Nintendo will release its new Nintendo Switch Pro celebrating its fourth anniversary.

And we are not basing ourselves only on our mathematics, the truth is that during the last few months different companies and development studies have given interviews to specialized magazines making predictions about a new 4K Switch that would see the light very soon, will they know something about the subject? Surely.

What will be the price of the Nintendo Switch Pro?

Since it came out, the Nintendo Switch has barely dropped in price, currently being between €350-330. If we wanted to opt for a cheaper alternative, the option was (and still is) the Nintendo Switch Lite for around €200. If things continue like this, everything indicates that with the new model none of the previous versions will change in price, since the New Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to have a price of between €400-450 , about €100 more expensive than the standard model and worth almost the same as a last generation console. In this sense, our bet on how the prices will be is as follows:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite: €199
  • Nintendo Switch: €299
  • Nintendo Switch Pro: €399

Possible specifications of the Switch Pro

The screen

There are many opinions about what the New Nintendo Switch Pro will have integrated, although it seems that the various sources and leaks do not agree if there is a common hot spot: the resolution of the screen. Check out more at our site.

Everything indicates that in the new Nintendo model we will see a 1080p screen with support up to 4K, although it will surely not be native but scaled, but we still do not know if we could enjoy it both on the console’s own screen, and on the television to which the let’s connect Can you imagine playing the Witcher 3 in 4K on the Nintendo Switch?

And this is not all, about the screen (which is perhaps one of the biggest attractions of the Nintendo Switch) rumors continue to circulate. The novelties in this sense point to an OLED screen signed by Samsung or a Mini-LED screen (somewhat less likely to our liking) somewhat cheaper and with worse quality.

What good would an OLED screen have on the Nintendo Switch Pro? Mainly the improvement in the quality and depth of the blacks, especially notable in the shadows or in the outlines, although at the cost of a somewhat higher consumption of the battery to our regret.

the processor

This is probably one of Nintendo’s best kept mysteries regarding the New Switch Pro, and that is because the leaks and rumors that reach us do not shed too much light on the matter. What we do know are the specs of the standard Nintendo Switch (720p LCD screen, 32GB of memory and an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor) and what is expected for the new Nintendo Switch Pro is the same processor with a throttled performance boost through of greater dissipation and higher clock speeds and a total of 64GB of memory as a gift.

Other possible specifications of the Switch Pro

As for the design, little can be improved on the original design of the Nintendo Switch. Except for the joy-cons, which are a disaster, and the charging point under the screen that prevents us from playing comfortably while we charge it with the controls separately from the screen. We hope that you will optimize these details in the new model.

And as for the rest, the design and functionality should not change too much, although it is rumored that the console could have some features integrated to improve our lifestyle and health , typical of a smartwatch. Although the truth is that except for the Ring Fit Adventure and a hypothetical Switch Sports, it could be worth little else.

If we could ask something plausible and perfectly embeddable from Nintendo executives, it would be Bluetooth compatibility for third-party accessories. It is a real hassle to have to go around with adapters to connect simple headphones, Nintendo is enough.

The games that are expected for the new Switch Pro

Nintendo exclusives for its Pro consoles is a sour subject, especially considering the few exclusives for the New Nintendo 3DS. In this sense, for the good of Nintendo, do not think of doing something like this in the attempt to offer scalable solutions to 4K. Let’s not expect them to release high-budget games for PS5 and Xbox Series X where the Nintendo Switch Pro enters to compete.

This does not mean that the launch of the New Switch Pro is not accompanied by possible new games, of which some really expected titles would be:

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild 2
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Pokémon Legends Arceus
  • bayonet 3
  • Splatoon 3
  • Metroid 4

And this is practically everything we know about the new Nintendo Switch Pro for 2021 and although it may not seem like much, believe us that every rumor and leak is worth it. Four years have passed since the launch of Nintendo’s new revolutionary console and although it has been able to find an excellent catalog of independent, multiplayer and great exclusive games, it is beginning to fall behind in the battle of the new generations.

If you have your own theories or rumors about this new Nintendo Switch Pro, do not hesitate to leave them below, in the comment box. Who knows, maybe we even hit something.