Have you ever wondered just how deep a pond is? Pond liners are one of those products that people buy without really knowing what they’re getting themselves into. If you have a pond, or are thinking of getting one, you need to know the depth and width of the liner before you make your purchase. Otherwise, you may end up with a pond that’s not fit for use. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do this: with a pond liner calculator in metres. This calculator will help you determine the dimensions of your pond and find the right size liner for it.

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What is a Pond Liner Calculator?

A pond liner calculator is a computer program or web page that helps calculate the dimensions and amount of material needed to cover a pond in metres. It uses data such as the size, shape and depth of the pond, and gives an estimate of how much material is needed. You might be interested in 60 mil HDPE liner.

How to use a Pond Liner Calculator

In order to calculate the size of a pond liner that will fit your needs, you will need to use a pond liner calculator. There are many different types of calculators available, so it is important to find one that is specifically designed for pond liners.

The most common type of pond liner calculator uses an equation called the “Pond Liner Formula.” This equation calculates the dimensions of a circular pond liner based on its depth, width and area. You can also find calculators that use other formulas, such as the “Circles Formula” or the “Cubic Formula.”

The Pond Liner Formula can be used to calculate the following dimensions:
-Depth (in metres)
-Width (in metres)
-Area (in square metres)

To use a Pond Liner Calculator, first determine the dimensions of your circular water garden using either feet or meters. Then enter those dimensions into the calculator and press submit. The resulting Pond Liner formula will give you the dimensions of a circular water garden with those specific measurements.

What are the benefits of using a Pond Liner Calculator?

There are many benefits to using a Pond Liner Calculator. One benefit is that it can help you determine the size of a liner needed for your pond. It can also help you choose the right type of liner for your pond and determine the amount of pond liners needed. A Pond Liner Calculator also allows you to estimate the cost of installing a liner and find coupons or discounts on liners.


If you are looking to buy a pond liner, but don’t know how wide or deep your pond is, our calculator can help. Simply enter the dimensions of your pond in metres and our calculator will give you an estimate of the Pond Liner Size that will fit. You can then compare this number to the listings on our website to find the best fit for your needs.