Car sharing is an increasingly popular option that will help you save on your journeys and will provide you with the company. But how to choose the ideal partner? With these apps you will have it easy.

Do you know what carpooling is ? This is one more example of a collaborative economy that consists of sharing a car with other people who make the same journey to save costs and reduce pollution. If you want to join this trend, the easiest way to do it is through one of the many car sharing apps that are available. Know more about Bugatti ne shitje.

Its operation is very simple, fast and purely practical. Once the application is downloaded, you only have to select if you are a driver looking for passengers or someone who needs a car to take you somewhere. Then, through their search engine, you select the person who best suits your requirements and that’s it!

Best car sharing apps

BlaBlaCar, of French origin, was one of the first car-sharing apps in Spain and one of the most used (with more than two million users per month). It is oriented, above all, to routes between cities.

To use it, you just have to select the desired route, the date and time of departure, and then you get an extensive list of candidates. The app allows you to review the driver’s information and even talk to him. Thanks to a new functionality, you can also request a place on a trip that is already underway .


Amovens is a Spanish collaborative mobility startup that allows the creation of a transport link between people who make the same journey every day . But this app goes further, as it also offers users the possibility of renting their car to third parties , an ideal option for those who use their vehicle little. Currently, the platform has 1.5 million users in Spain, of which 200,000 share trips and expenses each month.

Hoop Carpool

This app connects drivers and passengers who travel daily to the same places to share costs. It is mainly aimed at companies, municipalities and universities . Thus, the user can publish their trips as a driver or search for them as a passenger and the app does the matching or the companies and entities themselves can use it so that their employees share a car to go to work.

Another of its attractions is that, while other apps focus on large cities and not on the outskirts, Hoop has no limits because it reaches wherever the demand is.

As for payment, it is the driver who sets the final price, but the app establishes a recommended price per kilometer and adds 10 percent to the total for management.


Aimed exclusively at the female audience , this platform puts female drivers in contact with female passengers. To ensure this, it has a verification system that guarantees that all registered profiles are real women.

The driver has to select the expenses associated with the trip that she wants to receive and the conditions (for example, if she can take pets, the maximum number of people in the back seat, etc.), and the candidates only have to select the option that best suits your particular interests.